Love For The Sake Of Allah

“Allah assigned an angel to a man who had set out to visit a
brother who lived in another town.

When the angel met the man he asked him: ‘Where are you going?’

The man replied: ‘I am going to visit a brother living in the next

The angel asked: ‘Are you doing him a favor?’

The man answered: ‘No, the only reason I am going to visit him is that I
love him for the sake of Allah.’

Then the angel informed him: ‘I am a messenger sent from Allah to tell
you that Allah loves you as you love your brother for His Sake.’”

(skali skala nk poyo jap wat mcm pndai BI slh tak? wlaupun mmg sgt lmah BI ourh!huhu..nk berjinak2 baru..)

from heart to heart

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